The all-inclusive loyalty platform organised in a simple, user-friendly interface. BYDO CRM is a modern, integrated and user-friendly customer relationship management platform that facilitates interaction with your customers and other businesses.

Discover the BYDO CRM functionality

Create and Manage Cards & Coupons

Easily create and manage your business cards, coupons, event cards and send them directly to your customers' smartphones.

Build trust relationships with your customers by sending exclusive offers directly to their smartphones.

Manage Stores & Users

Add a new store effortlessly, entering the necessary information, such as location and working hours.

Adding a new role-specific user (manager, vendor, etc.) is a simple process through the app's dashboard, which also provides a detailed view of each user's sales and/or transactions.

Customer Management

You can easily and quickly import your business clientèle data at BYDO CRM, issue branded digital discount cards and coupons individually or in bulk, add new customers, manage customer data and view relevant transactions and statistics.

Advertising Campaigns

Promote your business efficiently by creating campaigns for your digital discount cards and coupons and sending them via email, text message, Viber and push notifications directly to your customers' smartphones.

Statistics & Performance

Keep track of your cards’ sales and performance with the BYDO CRM Analytics tool.

See in detail which actions performed well, and where you can improve. Gain insight from the customers that visited your business, track their visits per period, proceed with the corresponding actions, and many other features.

Card Widget

The card widget is generated along with your digital discount card. You can customise it and send it directly to the affiliated businesses to incorporate it into their webpage. Promote your business card or coupon online anywhere!

BYDO Synergies

Create synergies, to effectively advertise your business and/or resell your cards. The BYDO Synergies functionality enables you to provide free of charge sponsorship to media (radio, news site, etc.) or sell a certain number of branded discount cards to other businesses.

Franchisee Panel

Enhance your business brand identity and your franchisees’ effectiveness, offering them all of your brand's customer loyalty benefits digitally.

The Franchisee Panel allows you to easily integrate franchisees in your company's loyalty scheme, granting them rights to issue your brand's discount cards. Keep track of card sales per franchisee, receive daily sales reports and many more.

Discount Store Panel

Through the Discount Store Panel, you can link your business's PayPal account to start selling your cards online. At the same time, you have a clear and detailed picture of your online sales in the Discount Store, by date, payment method, amount, statistics, etc.

Voucher Panel

Manage the digital meals and benefits vouchers (BYDO Meal & BYDO Compliments) of your business. Through the Voucher Panel functionality, you can import the voucher list you wish to issue, cancel and/or reissue a voucher card, etc. When your business is part of the BYDO Voucher Partner program, you can see in detail the redemption of your business vouchers, the payable balance, your business payments, etc.

Webpage Administration

Manage the appearance (visuals & content) of your page in the BYDO Discount Store. Configure the information displayed for your business, upload or change photos, refresh or change your logo and/or brand name, etc.

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